My Luck

This week, czech hunter went all the way to the snowy mountains to bring you a all new and fresh scene. And like every week, as you know, we have some really hot and sexy hunks to show off this fine afternoon as well. You could say that we were really lucky to come across this guy, as the title says, as he was incredible in this scene and of course you get to see it only here for today. We caught him just as he finished a run down the slope and when he heard the proposition he was all up for it. There was quite some money to be made and we’re sure he could use it in his little trip anyway.

As the scene starts, you can see the fresh new hunk as he joins our stud at the cabin and the two retreat into a bedroom where they can have fun. And first thing first, as this guy whips out that hard man meat, he is pleased with the nice and big size of it too. Watch him as he sucks and slurps on it with a passion for this afternoon as he wants it nice and lubed for his ass. Then you can see him bend over and take it balls deep as he moans in pleasure for the rest of the scene. All in all, it was a great scene to shoot and he had a lot of fun too. He got quite the cash and we think we’ll surely see him again in future czechhunter updates.

my luck

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Czech Hunter Full

We got our hands on a czech hunter full gallery and it’s a pretty amazing one too. You must see these two cute basketball players getting their asses pounded by the czechhunter. They were enjoying their day off shooting some hoops when our czech guy saw them. They were the only two there so it was easier for him to talk to them and convince them. Like we said to many times everyone needs money and these two weren’t the exception, at first they were a bit shy about it but once we raised the amount they were actually rethinking about the offer. When we got to the amount that they wanted the two exchanged a quick look to one another and then said yes. You must see them and their fine tight asses getting stretched on one of the park alleys. Enjoy it!


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Sunny Days

Today is quite the special day as the hunter comes back once more with all new and hot updates for you to enjoy. Again we went on the prowl to search for a dude that’s in the mood and looking to make quick cash and sure enough we found him in the park too. This guy was just sitting around with a distant look and so we made the proposition to him. Accepting on the spot, we knew that we had quite the adventurous guy on our hands that would do fine in a scene here on the site. Well, let’s see just how he did this afternoon and check out his simply superb and hot scene shall we? You get to see him enjoying himself too.

sunny days

Just like always, you will be in for quite the naughty czechhunter scene with this guy and be sure that it’s quite the sight to see. They go back to a motel room where they can have their fun in private and once inside they lock the door behind them. Of course, you can even see this stud putting on quite the naughty show too as he undresses and parades that sexy body of his too. Check him out sucking some serious cock after the strip show and after he makes sure to have that cock all nice and hard he also spreads his legs to take it deep in his ass. Enjoy his scene and we can guarantee he’ll be back in the future with some more all new and all fresh scenes.

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Czech Hunter Gay

A new czech hunter gay fuck scene is here. This time we class it up a bit and brought you a young business man getting his ass hammered. He started working at this new law firm but as a beginner money isn’t that good so he tried earning some extra cash. Luckily for him we were there for him to give him a hand with the money, but that meant we had to exchange some services. The hot guy didn’t new how to react to our offer and we understood him that’s why we gave him some time to think about it. It was his first time and he needed some time to realize how much he needed the money, but once he realized the he couldn’t get it that fast from anywhere else he accepted. You must see him getting his cute ass stretched by the czechhunter in this insane update!


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The Campsite

Hey there once more everyone, the hunter is back again this new week with more new czechhunter scenes. Today we are really going outdoors as we bring you a camping scene with no less than three guys getting to have some fun. Of course all of them were up for the offer with cash in exchange for filming them have “Fun” and getting naughty. Well since they were all so eager, rest assured that they all got their turn to be on camera. We know you guys must be really eager to see this scene already, so let’s just get on with it and get it started to watch the action go down without any more delays!

The scene starts with our horny studs around the grill, preparing some food. As you can see, for this one we didn’t have to present the guys with our own stud as they were more than happy and eager to get to have some sex with one another anyway. So after a good meal and exchange for the cash going down, you can see the guys entering the tents so they can start the special after party. Watch them drop their pants and see how some prpper cock sucking gets done by experienced hunks. Then you get to see plenty of shots with the guys getting around to take turns and pound each other’s nice and tight asses hard style. We hope that you enjoy your stay and rest assured that more is going to follow next week. Have fun!

the campsite

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Afternoon Fuck

The site Czech Hunter aims to become your number one go to source when you want to see hot and horny studs getting down and dirty. And to start off, today we get to see a nice and hot scene featuring a steamy afternoon fuck with one hot and sexy guy. The thing goes like this. We offer a nice and big sum of money, and all they have to do is say yes to the offer. Be sure that this cutie with blonde hair and blue eyes was all up for it on the spot, as soon as the offer was made. The whole fuck scene would take place outdoors of course and you can be sure that it’s quite awesome. Let’s not wait around any longer and check out the scene with this stud getting down and dirty!

The scene starts off with him on the bench in the park and like we mentioned, the offer was made. Well with a big smile on his face he accepted and rest assured that he made quite the quick cash with this. Him and the guy went in a bit more of a private part of the park. It’s still public sex, but not quite out in the open either. Anyway, watch him drop down to his knees and see him whipping out our stud’s nice and fat cock. You can watch him working it with his expert mouth to get it rock hard and after that, you can also see some deep anal penetration going down too!

the Vltava river

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Czech Hunter Free

We have another czech hunter free gallery ready for you. You must see this straight guy getting his ass hammered for the first time. We found this guy on the street walking to the beach, he was all alone so this worked out perfectly for him. He started taking with him and one thing lead to another and found out that he needed some money for a new surfboard so he offered him even more for a public fuck. The blonde hunk agreed so they started looking for a more quiet place to fool around. The found this empty street and after looking around for uninvited guests the hot blonde guy got his fine ass pounded in this amazing czechhunter update. Enjoy it and don’t forget to get back for more scenes!


Enjoy watching this straight guy getting pounded!


Czech Guy 81

In this czechunter update we have this ripped hunks getting his ass stuffed by the czech hunter. He found him on a cold winter night walking all by his self so he was the perfect target for us. The hot guy lives pretty close from the place we found him so we went to his place to seal the deal. We tried offering him more money but apparently we was into guys already so there wasn’t too much convincing to do. He wanted to try it with a guy but he was too shy to asked anyone, so this was a win win situation. Once he got at his place he started sucking the czech guy’s dick and afterwards go his ass pounded by him, but not before he got covered with nasty jizz first. Enjoy it and see you guys later with more updates!


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Czech Hunting 79

In this latest chez hunter update we have this cute college guy getting his ass fucked for the first time. We all know how hard college life can be, you spend a lot of money that you don’t have and then you have to pay them back and that isn’t too much fun. The hot guy was at a bar with some friends when we heard him complaining about his money problems, so we were in the right place at the right time once more. He waited until he left the bar and then we followed him and once we catch up to him we explained our little offer. He wasn’t too trilled about this offer but didn’t have any option and he was making some pretty money out of it. So the went to his place and after having a couple of beers he got his ass hammered. Enjoy it!


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The Red Light District

Hey there guys, we come back with some more new and hot, fresh czechhunter galleries for you today. We know that you love seeing pretty guys getting fucked for cash and this scene is just what you want to see. It has a cute guy getting down and dirty and he worked magic on the cameras. Well we managed to pick him up in the red light district of town and as you know, that’s pretty much the go to spot if you want some kinky times with some experts in the art of sex. And many of them don’t look like much either, just like this stud here. It was obvious what his deal was as soon as the offer for cash was made as he does this regularly.

the red light district

But he was even more eager than usual to get to have some sexual fun with this one, since the cash was waay over what he’s usually making for a throw down in the afternoon. And so, our couple heads to a private hotel room where they can have their kinky fun without any disturbances today. Watch this guy sucking off that fat cock to prepare it for his ass and you can even watch him do a nice and kinky foot job for the stud too. After that, he gets to spread those nice legs and enjoy a balls deep anal fucking too. It’s just a treat all around and we hope that you enjoy the view of this one for the afternoon. See you guys next week with more!

See this broke guy getting his ass stretched for cash!