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In this super sexy czech hunter scene we have these two guys who are going to have the time of their life tonight. They got picked up in a bar and they soon agreed to fuck our guy for money. Watch these straight dudes sucking cock and getting some anal action as well. After our guy came to their table they seemed to be very interested in his indecent proposal and they went with him to the nearest motel for some private fun. Watch both these gorgeous guys sucking this other guy’s cock one after the other and licking the length of his hard shaft as the same time. Watch this guy shoving that hard cock inside each of these hot guys’ mouths willing to get entirely satisfied. These guys say they are straight, although they had some curiosity about being with a guy. Now they had the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity.

Watch these great looking dudes sucking a hard cock and then check them out as they are going to get a rough anal pounding at first. Our guy is inserting the tip of his hard cock inside one of these guy’s ass hole slowly at first and then faster and faster, leaving both of them with a sore hole in the end and his load of cum all over these guys’ faces. Come see these three engaging in a hot threesome inside a motel room. Have fun watching!

3 more to try

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Broke Guys from CzechHunter.com

In this czechhunter.com update we have these broke guys fucking one another.The hunter found these three guys thought some friends and after their recommendation they are pretty much up to anything for some extra cash. So he insisted on introducing them. Once he saw them he knew that he didn’t have to much work to do to convince them. He even tried his luck and for a extra hundred he managed to get them to fuck one another. They were a bit shy with the camera there but once they got used to it, they didn’t have any problems sucking and fucking one another and then getting fucked by the hunter himself. Enjoy it and remember to come back for more steamy updates. See you next time!


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A Good Place

Another fresh week and time for a new update yet once more. This one is a tad special though. We wanted to bring you a more sensual and hot one with the occasion of you guys following us for so long as a sign of thanks. And to do that we wanted to show off what’s probably one of the horniest guys around, and you get to watch as he gets to have some hard style sex with our own stud that’s packing a huge cock. All in all it was a simply amazing afternoon for him and he got to make quite the big pile of money with this scene as he’d get paid for this whole thing today.

a good place

After the deal is made of course, he gets his money and the two get in a cab. The guy was more than happy to go back to his place to have the fun in private and he seemed pretty eager to do so too. Watch him putting a strip show for you too and then see as he spreads his legs. You can enjoy watching him take a missionary style ass pounding in front of the cameras and he loved it too. Near the end, you can see him pull out the dude’s cock and starting to suck and slurp on it, until the huge meat pole shoots a nice and sticky jizz load all over his cute face. Have fun with his scene and rest assured that he’s going to be featured more in the future too!

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Czech Hunter 71

Hey there once more guys and gals, we come back again with all fresh  czech hunter scenes for you to see. Well if you’ve been following thus far, you know that this is the best place to go to when you want to see some really hot and sexy studs fucking for cash. Rest assured that we aim to keep it like that as well and today we have quite the nice show to put on for you. This time you don’t get to see one random dude getting to fuck for cash with our stud. No, for this one, you get to see no less than two guys getting wild on cameras. Let’s take the time to enjoy their porn scene fully today and see just how they like to party in bed.

Of course, the money was presented at first and as soon as that deal was done, the two guys went back home with the dude. You just need to take your time to see the two whip out that mighty and big cock to suck it and being very pleased with the size. Watch them do an unforgettable double blow job and after taking turns to suck it too, they also get to take turns to take it in the ass. Watch them waiting their turn to take it in the butt doggie style and see the two loving every second of the anal fucking that they got for the afternoon. We will return soon with some brand new scenes for you, so bye bye for now!


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Czech Hunter 109

Welcome back. Time to see more fresh czech action and to enjoy one more hard style gay fuck for the afternoon. In this update with the title 109, we bring you a sexy hunk that was desperate for cash and as you know, we always aim to help people like him. We made him the offer and he said yes on the spot too. Well when you get offered as much money as we put up and to get to have some gay fun, there’s no hunk in the world that would say no to it. Either way, strap yourselves in for one simply incredible scene featuring one of the sexiest and hottest guys that we’ve had here yet everyone!


Like we said, it all started with the proposition. Then it was back to his place as he felt best getting down and dirty there. As the dude was putting on quite the sensual and sexy strip show for you and the cameras, he gets the money and he also gets to whip out the other stud’s humongous cock. Watch him suck it with a passion to get it nice and hard and then watch him bend over to take it nice and deep in the ass. The two get to have their sexual fun, fucking all over the living room, so make sure that you don’t miss a single image in this gallery. We’ll be seeing you soon as per usual with more all new updates. Bye bye everyone!

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The First Dude Passing

Well it’s time to once more check out a new czechhunter update featuring some all new hunks ready to get down and dirty for you. This blonde stud right here was all ready for some cock and get paid for it too and just like always you get to see the scene he is featured in in all it’s glory. Our stud for today decided that he would pose the proposition to the first guy that would cross his path and well, as you can pretty much see it was this hot stud. That was all the better as there’s no way that our guy would pass on such a good looking guy like him either. So let’s get the scene going and see the action go down!

Again, instead of indoors fucking, this czechunter scene features an outdoor action sex scene, but that’s all the better since it was nice and warm outside. The two head to a more retreated spot as they don’t want to go fucking straight up in the middle of the street, so once they where there, this guy whips the other’s cock out and starts to work it masterfully with his juicy lips today. Enjoy the special treatment and then see the blonde guy bend over to start taking it in the ass too. You can watch him moan in pleasure for the whole thing and be sure that we will be bringing you some more all new and hot galleries soon.

first dude passing

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Czech Hunter Videos

We have more czech hunter videos for you lucky guys, but today we are going to show you just a little preview. In this update we have this broke skater guy getting fucked for some extra cash. He always finds the hottest guys and has his way of convincing them. He found this one at the skaters park and heard that he was complaining about money problems so he thought he might perfect for the job. After his friends left he went to him and told him that he could help him out with his money problems but he had to do something instead. He desperately needed the money, so he didn’t think it though and ended up accepting his offer. From that point to getting a hotel room was a pretty short way and thanks to the czechhunter you can now see this poor skater boy getting his ass pounded for the first time. Enjoy it!


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My Hood

Another fresh week and time to check out one more all new and fresh czech update. We know you are very much eager to see some more new studs this week and this one will surely be to your linking. As you know, the name of the game around here is to present these studs with some cold hard cash in exchange for sex and being the nice and big sum it is, they pretty much agree all the time. This guy here was quite in need of it as well and we were more than happy to be of help to him. So let’s not wait around any longer and just sit back and enjoy this amazing sex scene with him for the afternoon shall we everyone?

my „hood“

After the deal’s been made, he gets the money up front and then everything’s ready to go. Watch him drop to his knees and see him sucking and slurping on that cock with a passion. Once he has the meat pole all nice and hard and ready to go, he takes his spot on top of it and you can enjoy seeing him moan in pleasure as he bounces up and down. For this whole afternoon the guy got a nice and thorough ass pounding and it just makes for the most amazing scene. We hope that you will enjoy your stay and the view of this and be sure that we will be back soon with more all new and all fresh galleries!

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Czech Hunter Gay Videos

More czech hunter gay videos are here for you, but for today we have a preview. We found these two cute guys in the park the other and after a closer look we figured out that they were together. So it wasn’t too hard to convince them to fuck for us, but it was kind of tricky to get them to bang in front of the cameras. We started to say numbers and we really had to go deep into our pockets but it was really worth it. After we finally agreed on the amount we went to the nearest hotel and after we put our cameras there and gave the boys some space they really got into it. You should check this out because is one of the best scenes lately and it’s entirely here. Enjoy it and see you guys later!


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Free Czech Hunter

We love car enthusiasts and in this free czech hunter update we have one getting fucked. Like we said earlier we just love them because they are the easiest to talk to, you just need a nice car and some money in your pocket. They would pretty much do anything they can to get a free ride. Well this ride wasn’t that free but we were fair and beside the car ride we offered some money on the side. Once he saw the car we was there checking it out and once we told him that he could have a ride with it he would’ve accepted anything. After that car ride we went in a more private place and he got his mouth and ass pounded. So you should check it out to see what our boy did in this update. Enjoy!


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