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Czech Hunter – Easy Money

In this czech hunter scene we have this gorgeous blonde guy willing to do just about anything for some extra cash. Come see how we picked this guy on the streets and we invited him to a hotel room to show him something he hasn’t seen before. Watch this straight guy getting his ass hole ripped by a large throbbing cock. Come watch this guy getting paid for his services and smiling when he sees the sum we offered him. Check him out as he is up and ready to swallow a big cock without hesitating one minute. Then watch him sucking on a huge plastic dildo in front of the camera.

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Cute Sporty Guys

For today’s czech hunter update we really have something special, not one but three good looking guys ready and eager to be fucked in all sorts of positions. These guys went out for a drink and as soon as we had our eyes on them we knew they were what we were looking for. Come check these three studs getting their ass holes ripped by a large cock. Watch these three engaging in a hot orgy together and sucking their cocks one after the other. Then check them out as they are going to rip each other’s ass hole while getting filmed for all you horny guys out there. You will definitely love this scene so you’d better come check it out now.

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Czech Hunter – Cute and Tiny Ass

This handsome dude was an easy catch for the czech hunter. As you will see once you watch the whole scene this guy was an uneducated, underemployed guy that gladly accepted our offer. Come watch this guy sucking a large cock for some cash. At first we propositioned him to go to a public place for a quick fuck but he turned out to be a bit shy so we had to go to a hotel instead. Come watch him sucking a large cock like a real professional. He said it was his first time but by the way he was doing it we thought he has done it before. Anyway come see this guy taking this huge piece of meat in and out of his mouth like a whore. Then check him out as he is going to jerk him off with his feet for some time and then he is going to start spreading his ass hole for a nice butt pounding.

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Shitty Jobs

Our guys from czechhunter found some real cuties today. Come see these two young guys being fucked for some extra cash. As soon as we approached these two good looking boys we were very pleased to find out that they we’re interested in our offer. These guys were working at a place where they weren’t paid enough so when we told them that they could make some extra cash easily by sucking and fucking large cocks they were very eager to do just that. Come watch these two being fucked in a public park. Watch them sucking on a large cock at the same time and then check them out as they are going to spread their butt cheeks and show us how tight they are.

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Broke Straight Guy

Come see this czechhunter scene is which this guy is getting picked up on the streets as usual and taken to a public park for a little bit of fun. Come see how eager and willingly he took our money in exchange for some hot action. After sucking a large shaft in a public park this guy came with us to a hotel room where we continued our fun. Come see what this guy will be doing inside the hotel room for some extra money. Watch this guy stripping at first and then jerking off and sucking a large shaft.

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Autumn Day

This guy was the newest czechhunter acquisition. Come see this guy being picked up on the streets and asked to fuck for a sum of money. This guy gladly agreed and luckily he happened to know a hotel nearby so when we asked him to take us to a place where we could be more private he took us there. Watch this guy being fucked like a whore inside a hotel room like a cock hungry slut. Come see how he started to suck on this guy’s hard tool and then quickly spread his ass hole for a nice rough hammering. Come watch him taking the whole length of this guy’s hard shaft inside his mouth like a horny whore.

Even though it’s his first time he seems to really be enjoying what he is doing. Watch him sucking and slurping on that big throbbing cock and then spreading his ass cheeks and taking that big tool deep inside his ass moaning in pleasure the entire time. Come see how he is going to get covered in cum in the end. This guy is from Slovakia and has a sexy accent that you will like. He also has a nice smile, a gorgeous face and a hot body. He says he is shy but by the way he is spreading his legs and showing off his body in front of the camera you wouldn’t say so. Watch this guy moaning while being fucked by a large cock. You will love it. Have fun!


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At The University

Watch this new czech hunter scene to see this great looking blue eyed blonde being picked up in the university campus. Although he isn’t gay he didn’t refuse to come with us and show what a great cock sucker he is. Come watch this cutie sucking a large cock and enjoying every minute of it. As soon as he accepted to fuck another guy, he quickly went inside a bathroom stall with him and there the fun started. Watch this guy getting his ass hole hammered roughly after giving him the best blow job ever. You will clearly enjoy watching how this guy loves to shove that big throbbing cock in and out of his mouth and then get his ass hole completely ripped.

Watch this guy being bent over and fucked from behind inside the bathroom and then taken into the bedroom and fucked properly on the bed. Come see him getting covered in cum and loving every drop. He would have done it for free anyway but since he was also offered money it was even better. Come watch this whole scene and see this guy spreading his ass hole for his partner. Come watch him shooting his load while being fucked roughly. Come see this guy picking up straight guys on the streets and fucking them for your entertainment. Have fun and come back again for some more hot adventures. You’ll love all of them.

at the University

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Anything For Money

In this czech hunter scene we have this gorgeous straight guy being picked up on the street and convinced to fuck for money. Watch this great looking hunk spreading his butt cheeks and welcoming a large cock inside. Come watch this guy that we spotted right away. Being such a cutie we thought this one would really make a good fuck. Watch this blue eyed guy fucking our well endowed hunk and being paid for it also. You won’t believe how much he wanted this to happen. Come see for yourself and you will be thrilled at how this guy knows how to blow a cock for the first time.

After giving our guy the best blow job ever he quickly was very eager to show him his tight asshole and let him fuck him however he wants to. Come see this good looking guy riding a hard fat cock and moaning the entire time from the pressure and the friction. The czechhunter tried to take him softly at first until he got used to his large tool, but after that he continued harder and harder making him whimper and moan. Watch this whole scene until the end to see this stunning guy jumping on a hard cock until the juices start pouring out of it. Regardless of the fact that it was his first time he really managed to give our guy complete satisfaction. Enjoy your time!

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After Gym

This gorgeous hunk got a proposition from our horny guy and he was very interested in receiving some money in exchange for a blow job and maybe something more. Watch this guy getting his ass hole destroyed in a public place by the czech hunter. We approached him on the street and convinced him that he would have a lot of fun if he would try fucking our handsome guy. He accepted because he said that he had been curious about being with another guy. So he took him to a more intimate place where they could start giving each other pleasure.

Even though our guy took him to a public park this dude didn’t seem to mind and as soon as they arrived to their destination, he took his hard cock inside his mouth and started to suck on it hungrily. Watch him sucking on his large, throbbing cock, taking it all the way deep inside. Then check him out as he is going to let our guy fuck his ass hole roughly until he will cum shooting his creamy load all over his face. Watch him stretching his butt hole and fucking him until he will leave him with a sore ass and a huge load on his face. In the end it was worth it and he said he really enjoyed the whole thing. Have watching and come join our website now to be able to watch all our hot scenes!

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